Trukkin offers exciting opportunities for Transporters
(Fleet Owners and Independent drivers)

Register on Trukkin platform for Free and enjoy the following benefits –

  • Vast List of Customers to Find Truck Service. Better chances of truck loads job availability.
  • Transparent Pricing.
  • Multilingual platform. Available in English, Arabic, Urdu , Hindi & Punjabi.
  • Simple and User Friendly Application. You can view truck loads available, place bids and get responses within a few minutes.
  • As a Fleet owner, you can register your complete fleet of trucks or few trucks on rent.
  • As an independent driver, you don’t have to depend on your connections to get new truck loads jobs, you can simply login and view all the available truck loads jobs, place bids and get loads.
  • Hassle free payments – No running around, no follow-ups, fast and prompt payments.
  • Experienced Staff to provide support during registration, find loads for trucks, and shipment process.