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Although Cargo Movement has been around since the very early years of human civilization when cargo was moved on oxen carts and chariots. We have come a long way and modern transportation exists to support life across the planet. Continuous innovation in the field of transportation has rendered it necessary to stay abreast in heavy cargo movement as well. Leveraging technology to build a sustainable transport network in the GCC, Janardan Dalmia founded Trukkin to ease the woes of shippers and transporters in Land Transportation in the GCC. Trukkin is a one-stop solution for your complex transportation needs for heavy cargo movement in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the GCC. With a solid presence in the region and being backed by the largest & only publicly listed company BATIC, Trukkin is innovating continually to bring the best of transportation experience for Truckers and Shippers alike. Trukkin is bridging gaps between the traditional mode of transport and technology-hungry customer base for their day-to-day transportation needs. Being one of the earliest companies to enter the tech-based transportation industry, Trukkin has introduced a revolutionary Service Standard in the cargo movement landscape. Trukkin not only provides you a seamless mode of connectivity to the best of the Drivers and Truckers but also ensures that your cargo and container loads are delivered hassle-free to your customers. Having moved an average of 700 shipments per month, Trukkin is your go-to source for Heavy Trailers, Trucks, Low Bed Trailers, Flat bed Trailers, Dyna Trucks, Long Trucks, Temperature Controlled Reefers and all kind of Cargo Haulers. Whether it’s a special cargo for oil field equipment of anomalous size or a frozen shipment of sea food and other food items, Trukkin is always providing you a reliable service to transport your valuable cargo.