Hire Curtain Side Trailer for Shipping in Dubai, UAE and Middle East

Curtain Side Trailer

A curtain side trailer can be either 12 meters or 15 meters long. They are usually used to transport furniture, household apparatuses and detergents. It provides security of a dry van with the comfort of the flat deck. They provide quick stacking and emptying with the goal that the cargo stays on schedule.

Curtain Side Trailer

Three standout benefits of the curtain side trailer include:

– Rapid load and unload:

Once the curtains are pulled back, the trailer can be accessed from both the sides and additionally from the back entryway by various forklifts at the same time. Drivers are in and out and back on the roads quickly.

– Streamlined deliveries:

The confinements of “first on/last off” stacking are the things of times gone by. Autonomous access to all parts of the cargo anytime along a course implies numerous drop loads are effortlessly possible from a single trailer.

– No covering required:

While the regulations require payload inside curtain sides to be secured, most loads can be rapidly and advantageously secured with straps. Drivers give time to driving, not battling with the traps, and experience a more secure workplace also.

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