Construction Material Transportation and Shipping Services in Dubai, UAE

Industry Overview

Logistics are critical to seamless development of new construction. Regardless of whether the properties are  in Dubai or any part of the GCC, effectively transporting materials to the active site is critical to success of the projects.

Transporting raw materials for construction demands creativity in itself. Such kind of transportation requires mass coordination, secure rigging and the experience offered through committed truckload services.

Industry Overview
Why Trukkin?

Why Trukkin?

Trukkin is your go-to resource for delivering construction material to the right place at the right time. We are adept at handling all kinds of construction loads, ranging from construction raw material, scaffolding, fences and other related loads.

At Trukkin, we offer Tippers, Flat Beds, Low Beds trucks and specialized vehicles for oversized trucking movements.

Your ideal choice!

Shipping construction raw materials, heavy items generally are quite challenging, however with the assistance of Trukkin’s experts it will almost appear to be effortless.

Trukkin can provide you with the perfect shipping solution for your needs, no matter the size!

Construction Industry
Cargo Movement in the GCC

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  • Flatbed truck, Dubai services
  • Flatbed truck hire services
  • Flatbed truck rental services
  • Tipper truck services
  • Low beds truck, Dubai services
  • Low bed truck hire services
  • Low Bed truck rental services
  • Oversized Trucking services.

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